How 5G can transform Defense Operations

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Experiments in 5G are happening across government, with applications as varied as spectrum sharing, smart warehouses, edge computing, autonomous vehicles and telemedicine. For many federal employees involved in these testbeds, the consensus is the same: This technology will be transformational.

Watch the videos of the Federal News Network and AT&T 5G Summit, in which defense leaders share their stories, lessons-learned, and enthusiasm for the transformational new technology.

Learning from test beds

The DOD agencies are working together in news ways, with each test bed having a service lead while the other services are highly integrated. The lessons learned are shared among the military branches.

Enabling seamless security

Security needs to be seamless across the environment as we move across OCONUS and we confront various challenges.

Deploying 5G at the edge

The low latency of 5G enables data processing at the edge, which can be critical for timely decision making and military applications.

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