Unlocking the potential of 5G for federal government

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5G is expected to eventually revolutionize the ways in which we live and work. For federal agencies whose modernization efforts have been spurred by the pandemic, 5G can also help them reimagine how they carry out their mission.  Better capacity, lower latency and massive device connectivity are key 5G attributes that have received much attention. But how could these translate into benefits for federal government?

Watch the videos of the Federal News Network and AT&T 5G Summit, in which government and industry leaders share how they are actively researching how to unlock the full potential of 5G and increase security measures.

The promise of 5G

In terms of revolutionary capabilities, 5G will allow for significantly higher capacity and the promise to provide optimized support for different applications.

Securing critical applications

Security will be essential to support mission critical applications. 5G has a much richer suite of security features than 4G and the previous technologies.

A Software-defined architecture

What 5G is going enable around the edge, and the everything software defined nature is going to be a huge step change from previous technologies.

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