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Hosted by David and Nycci Nellis.

On today’s show:

• Maxwell in the Navy Yard is celebrating its first anniversary. Joining us to celebrate surviving in business and COVID are Maxwell’s founder, mixologist to the stars Brent Kroll, and Niki Lang, partner/sommelier at Maxwell Navy Yard;
• Spring is just around the corner and picnic time is very nearly back. We invited Michelle Ison from Picnic & Peonies, the area’s premier luxury picnic company;
• Next we are joined by Mike LaVitola, co-founder and CEO of Foxtrot Markets, a contemporary evolution of the corner store and café with 60-minute delivery;
• Okay, so wouldn’t it be great to have meals from your favorite restaurants prepared in your kitchen and served freshly made and piping hot? Yes, it would and yes, you can. MisenBox delivers restaurant meal kits to your door prepped by chefs and ready to be finished by you in the comfort of your home. MisenBox’s Thabo Lenneiye is in to reveal how it all works.

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