You’re running the show, Biden tells feds

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“We’re a team,” was the opening message President Joe Biden had for federal employees.

The newly minted commander-in-chief offered up hope to civil servants as the administration kicks off a new era of federal agency leadership.

“Over the last few weeks, I’ve been announcing Cabinet nominees to lead your agencies … They said they most are looking forward to working with you,” Biden said.

“I’m thinking of you and I have the utmost trust in your capabilities. I’ll be president for all Americans, just as you are civil servants for all Americans. And together, together, we’ll lead with core values that have guided me throughout my career in public service, as I imagine they have guided you in your careers,” Biden added.

As one Reddit commenter put it, “I have worked for Bush, Obama, and Trump admins, and this is my first Presidential address dedicated to us. Did I somehow miss the others, or is this a new thing?”

Many see the Biden administration as a significant shift in the federal government.

“This was nice and a huge morale boost,” another commenter added.

While much is to be seen, the relationship the White House has with the federal workforce is set to change dramatically.

“I’m thankful for your public service, and that of your family. We can’t do this without them or you,” Biden said in his closing remarks.

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